Focusing Tip #850 – Creativity and Confidence – “That part says, ‘Who do you think you are?'”

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What if something stops you from being creative by saying you’re not as talented as other people? Read on…

Helen writes:

I love to write. I journal and write poetry. Something inside me doesn’t value this. I think this could be the same part of me who says “who do you think you are?’ when I consider making books of my poetry.

I have tried focusing with the part of me who says “who do you think you are.” This part of me is very afraid of not being considered good enough, and does comparisons with others.

I think this part of me is also blocking a very “free” part of me from integrating into my life. I would love to invite the “free” part of me into my life but feel I need to support or be with this afraid part of me more.

Dear Helen:

Good so far! You know you love to write, and you’ve discovered a part of you that is worried about your writing.

It expresses its worry by saying “who do you think you are.” But never forget that the truth is, it is worried.

So you are listening to what it is worried about, and you get that it is afraid you will not be considered good enough or will be compared negatively to others.

Good! That’s a step… that you were able to have a relationship with it, such that it revealed that to you.

And now, there is more. That’s not the end!

Your relationship with the worried part needs to continue… because it can change. From your email I think I catch a tone of assuming that it isn’t going to change. But no, it can and will change.

The important thing is the quality of your relationship with it. You as Self-in-Presence are giving it tender empathy for how hard it is to worry about being judged and compared with others. Take time to really let that empathy sink in.

Now invite it to let you know what it wants for you. What positive experience does it want you to have?

It will probably be something like being accepted, being proud of your writing… but let this come from it. And then enjoy the body feeling that this part wants for you.

The other part will come forward easily when the “who do you think you are” part transforms.


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