A Conversation with Tara Brach and Loch Kelly

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Loch Kelly is an author, psychotherapist and highly respected meditation teacher known for his instructions for effortless mindfulness. Our rich and wide-ranging conversation includes themes of interconnectedness, the natural weaves of psychology and meditation, the healing of self-compassion, the power of short glimpses into the nature of reality, RAIN, prayer, awakening through social identities, turning toward dying, centering joy and much more!

Loch Kelly is the creator of the new groundbreaking Meditation and Wellness App, Mindful Glimpses. This new app seamlessly weaves together ancient wisdom, cutting-edge psychology, and neuroscience research. Drawing from over 40 years of mindfulness teaching and psychotherapy practice, Loch Kelly has crafted an app that provides simple yet advanced micro-meditations to return you to home base anytime of the day. 

Loch is offering Tara’s listeners a special discount code of 20% off an annual subscription for the Mindful Glimpses App when you use this link: https://mindfulglimpses.com/tara


Photo: Gary Hillesland


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