Meditation: Coming Home with the Breath (14:57 min.)

Home 9 Meditation: Coming Home with the Breath (14:57 min.)

Our breath is always available as a pathway back to presence. This simple meditation guides us to relax and awaken in the body, and then establishes the breath as a home base for our attention. Our practice is to notice when the mind becomes distracted, and gently return to our breath and senses. This helps the mind to become increasingly settled, calm and clear. We close with a short heart blessing.

“As you let your attention go inward, you might ask yourself a very simple question: What is most important to me? What is it that brings me to practice right now? What does your heart long for?

We close by letting that presence inhabit and fill the heart. Taking some moments to feel your life right now and sense whatever blessing or prayer you’d like to offer to yourself… whatever most resonates. Offering that inward. Sensing this heart space that’s very edgeless, open and inclusive. Filling the world in your heart and offering whatever prayer of blessing arises for our world. Namaste,”

In French: Arriver chez nous, ici, avec la respiration

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